Deployment of thorium reactors in the UK

Scheduled for deployment
in 2028

UK Atomics is a subsidiary of Copenhagen Atomics and is working to deploy thorium reactors.

These thorium molten salt reactors represent a unique opportunity for the UK:
Low cost, safe and sustainable energy for prosperity and growth.

This solution supports the UK’s ambition to become the “world leader” in advanced
reactors and enables right-sizing of the regulatory approval - leading to deployment in 2028.

The technology is progressing swiftly with the first Non-radioactive
full size reactor prototype to be tested in the UK in 2023.

The key technologies and components have been
developed, tested and validated during the last 8 years.

UK Atomics collaborates with leading UK universities
to validate molten salt reactors technologies.

Providing the UK with a number of benefits including energy security,
sustainable energy, growth, local jobs and supply chain.

Green transitioning

Meet carbon neutrality by developing zero-carbon baseload while converting spent nuclear fuel into energy. This technology answers the general public's concern about nuclear waste and millions of years of storage time.

Financial Growth

Potential boost of employment and exports. Agreements on manufacturing, international sales etc. represents a significant opportunity to increase the GDP and to positively impact potential development zones.

Energy security

Reduce dependence on energy imports for baseload energy demand. The UK can cut free from other governments and will not have a financial exposure to fluctuations in energy prices.

This solution can boost the image and the economy by pioneering the next energy technology wave, and offers an opportunity for innovation and progress.

Visualisation of a 1 GW power plant:

UK Atomics can become an industry leader within advanced modular reactors

UK Atomics together with its parent company Copenhagen Atomics has developed a new type of reactor, which is safer, lower cost and can reduce nuclear waste. We plan to build many of these reactors in the UK, this will help the UK to become a global leader in high-tech and green energy while at the same time creating a large number of jobs.